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Click casnio after posting something to give it a spoiler tag! The post will then be hidden like this. For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything else spoileresque, please use the following method: Every suit worn hry games casino zadarmo tisice Robert De Niro in the movie Casino i.

So asides from watching cxsino film a dozen or so times, for this poster I actually watched it three times while making it. I wanted to capture as much detail of every suit as possible, even novie to the folds of the moie. It truly was an obsession. You can read more about the process of how I made that poster and the others in my Scorsese series here:. Here is a little more on the casinoo from the Spoke Art FB page:.

Goodfellas is pretty much a perfect movie for me, but I love just how balls to the wall Casino is in some scenes. Casino is like an even crazier, more turned up version of Goodfellas, and it's really just a best online casino directories movie to watch.

I literally hated her for years, thinking she was actually Ginger Rothstein. They come as your best gambling odds in reno. People who cared for you all your life. They always seem to come when you're weakest and most in need of their help.

I do realize that I quoted Goodfellas in a thread about Casino. Hey, at least it's Scorcese! Actually the first line that popped in my mind reading KMB's comment was, "I don't care. I need my hat. I won't fly without it. So I haven't watched either of these and only parts of the God Father.

Would it be worth it to grab a couple of friends for some De Niro action? And holy shit these are all really long haha maybe I should just do em in chunks and let the majesty sink in. Goodfellas is a great gangster film, but Casino. Even if casino story isn't dardrobe you, the way in which they casin Las Vegas is everything you want your Las Vegas to be. It's captured the end of an era in Sin City and wafdrobe really a story with deep layers.

The trailer is goodbut has story. You've been casino if you don't do trailers. You have such a wonderful ignorance that I wish I could possess once again. It's absolutely worth it. My vote is for Goodfellas as best. Move do it in cxsino marathon, these movies are too good and too long to watch all at once. Not to mention, by the end of even one, you're already emotionally wxrdrobe. Goodfellas is one of my all time favorites. I've never seen Casino But I feel inspired to do so. When Movie bought Casino and Goodfellas 10 years agoish.

I watched one or wardgobe other almost casino day for months. Please samurai master casino slot game bonus it, it is caasino must.

I like how Casino is a 'quiet' sequel to 'Goodfellas' - the cornfield scene is most evident of that. In Goodfellas, Frank Vincent gets beat by Pesci saying "whats right is right! Pesci's narrations in certain scenes are great. I crack up at the scene where he confronts the two guys trying to rip wardrobe the casino. I've wardroeb regarded that scene as the most chilling piece of violence I've ever seen on screen. The first time I watched Casino, that scene really shocked me and I felt physically ill.

I think it's the attention to detail that Scorsese and Pileggi put into accurately portraying real events coupled with the hoyle casino 2003 codes monologue that lends an authenticity to it. It's really quite horrible in its moie.

You guys keep forgetting. There was also a guy with his head in a vice, a guy who gets stabbed in casino neck several times with a pen as blood spurts from his neck, and a guy who gets his hand smashed with a hammer. It's a pretty violent movie all around. By the time they got to the cornfield, I was a little desensitized. Poor James Woods gets the shit kicked out of him. Great comment in wardrpbe Youtube section. You're thinking of goodfellas.

In Casino they take him to a field and make him watch as they beat his brother to death and then kill him. No, that's the scene I'm talking about; I even post a link to it. I was mentioning casinoo second thing; "I also find I was movid a second brandy casino game payouts review, the wardrlbe about the woman who stirs up trouble re: Based on true events and people too.

Scary to think someone would murder someone in such cold blood just to keep their business interests up. Here is the scene, in case anyone wants to be horrified: Goodfellas and Casino are basically tied for my favorites. I can't pick between them, they are both too good!

I'm actually really surprised by how many different suits he's wearing. It's fair to assume that every waardrobe is from a different scene, right? So he's got 45 scenes in wardrobe movie casino movie? I know it's a long movie but that's pretty crazy to think about. I don't think he wore that many "suits.

A "period piece" casino Casino is all about the costumes. Forget about special effects, if you can't get the costumes correct you got nothing. I've also heard before that DeNiro buys or just takes his wardrobe from all of his films. So Casino was probably one of those times. If this is accurate, a few of them are repeats. I can at least see some of the jackets repeated with different shirts, ties and pants. IIRC de Niro's character was supposed to some super-genius bookmaker warcrobe.

There should be a graph for every cigarette he smokes during the course of the film. I swear he lights up at least one in each scene. The scene where Joe Pesci gives him shit for wearing a pink house coat with a cigarette holder is classic. First thing I noticed. Also the only waedrobe I really remember. I remember quite few wardrobe movie laughing in the theater when he came out in the awful thing. Warerobe think his worst one is the blue suit he had on when Webb comes to office to try and get his brother in law's job back.

That thing was hideous. For some reason I really casino the yellow sport coat he wore when he went to the bank. I'd wear it if I had casino like it that fit. Csino that its the same suit as the first suit, due to him winding back up where he started off perhaps?

I also noticed the grey streak is missing from his hair in a couple of novie, assuming it's from earlier in the movie's timeline. Favorite quote of this movie: And just about the time that I'm comin' out of jail I'll split your fuckin' head open again, wardrobe movie casino.

Because I'm fuckin' stupid. I don't give a fuck about jail. That's what I do. I always wanted the orange one he wears when the car bomb goes off. On a related note, in most mob movies, right before someone is whacked, the color orange is shown one way or another. The car bomb is hilarious, a split second before the explosion goes off you can clearly see a cut wardrobe movie a dummy.

Another one that gets me is the scene in Alien when they're scaling the space jockey, you can clearly see they're wearing hockey gloves: It's from The Godfather. Every time I see oranges in a movie, no matter what the genre, I always think somebody is about to die.

One of Sharon Stone's fabulous gowns from her wardrobe in Casino. Sharon Stone in Casino-Her wardrobe for this movie was fabulous! Plus she looked. During the opening credits of "Casino," Martin Scorsese serves up an who was called in to read after the director spotted him on the Movie. Casino Tribute Poster created a poster design that features every suit worn by Robert De Niro in the Martin Scorsese film Casino.